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It has been nearly 3,300 years since the Necromancer Lord Janicero was banished to the Endless Nether, or so say the bards and the priests. Most common folk now don’t believe in that silly story. Tales of raising the dead, holy warriors, the Omnis, and all the massive battles are regarded as folk tales that the bards use to entertain bar patrons and the monks use to seduce tithes from the working class. After all, the monks claim that it is their monasteries that protect the world from Janicero now, but everyone knows that it is not the monks that protect Promendale,

Citizens now trust the ruling family of the Nerites. For over 700 years the Nerite family have ruled the land of Promendale. The Nerites united the land after the Great War. It took every noble race to stand together to slay the orc warlord Stormgrowl. Where as before elves, dwarfs, men, and all the other races were so worried about their petty differences, when Stormgrowl and his legions swept into the land, Lord Nathanal Nerite rallied the various Dukes and Princes of the races to band together under 1 banner in order to save civilized life. It took 18 years and many deaths, but Stormgrowl fell to the mighty mace of the paladin Teeno.

After the battle was over, the council decided to band together. Each race has diplomats in the court. Half of everyone’s taxes go to their local government, where half of the tax goes to support the King’s Right Hand, the best army that Promendale has ever known.

Every 10 years, the King holds tryouts to join the Right Hand. Not everyone survives the tests, and if you do survive, you will probably die in service to the Right Hand, but the pay is excellent. Some people consider the Right Hand to be the saviors of the land, while others consider them mercenaries for the King.

The selection process has begun. You have trained your entire life for these try outs. You know that you could die during the initial spars, but you believe that you are one of the best heroes in Promendale, and you are ready to start your quest for glory, fame, and gold, but will you survive is the question. Your story begins here…

Main Page

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