Tryouts Have Begun!

May you survive your first test of many...

Heroes from all over the land have gathered together for the preliminary rounds of testing to join the Right Hand. You are aware that danger awaits you, but no one knows for sure what you will face this day. The Right Hand changes and sculpts the challenges each time recruitment takes place so that no one will have an unfair advantage. They do not want you to be prepared for their tests because they know that things will happen in battle that soldiers simply cannot prepare for.

The Right Hand breaks its ranks down into small skirmish teams. This allows each hero to use his or her abilities to the best of the Right Hand. Every hero is given a number and letter combination as they file into the barracks in Winterloch Mill.

It seems odd that your journey begins in the small farm town of Winterloch Mill, but if you are not careful, your journey could end here, too.



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